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A brand new book by Chris Jewell & Alastair Gavin, of well over 100 folk tunes for musicians of all levels wishing to play a broad range of traditional and modern folk music, many of the tunes mainstays of the standard folk dance repertoire, and a few a little more, well... unexpected!

On the Audio pages are free to download play-along audio tracks of all the tunes in the Part A/PROMENADE section of the book, performed by Chris & Alastair at both full and slower tempos for easier learning of the tunes.

The Part B/PROGRESSION section contains another 70+ tunes with second parts covering all the styles you will need to play for a folk dance. Visit the Videos page for performances by Chris of the tunes in this section.

You can see Sample Pages of the book here.

Please go to the Contact/Order form page to order copies of The Unexpected Polka & Other Tunes at £15 plus P&P.